Welcome to Churches United For Fair Housing, Inc. 

Who we are:

Churches United For Fair Housing, Inc (CUFFH) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit faith based nonpartisan  grassroots organization which is successfully working towards creating a sustainable living community responsive to housing, open space, education, health and economic development needs in and near North Brooklyn. 

We represent hundreds of active residents pursuing a new path to affordable housing.  Churches United For Fair Housing works in collaboration with local housing development groups, other CBO’s, the Pratt Institute, Cornell University , citywide civic organizations and  CUFFH Committees.  We have facilitated strong working relationships with African-American, Jewish and Latino communities.

CUFFH leads through community-wide campaigns on large high profile development projects that can yield thousands of units of affordable housing.  We organized and lead community coalitions that have  an alliance of churches, synagogues and community organizations that is developing community plans in an near North Brooklyn.  CUFFH monitors and ensures that the City fulfills its previous commitments to build affordable housing as part of the 2005 Williamsburg/Greenpoint Rezoning.  CUFFH is open to everyone and is a consensus-driven coalition.

Through our work, we are ensuring that communities  in and near North Brooklyn, New York City remain neighborhoods where low- and moderate-income people can continue to live and raise their families.