1231 Broadway

Brian Cahill Moledo, January 18th, 2018

Tuesday CUFFH joined the tenants of 1231 Broadway as they demanded repairs for their homes. 

Joined by BKA and other community groups, we called on the city to impose real consequences on landlords who subject tenants to unacceptable conditions, and demanded that HPD make emergency repairs to the building, whose inhabitants, already contending with vermin and decaying infrastructure, were left without heat or hot water after the pipes burst on January 6. Now, in the dead of winter, families are denied their right to a safe, stable home as they go over 10 days living in freezing temperatures in the wealthiest country in the world.

We stood with the tenants at 1231 Broadway, and will stand with tenants again before the week is up. However, the institutions that place the burden of proof on tenants must be reformed or dismantled. As long as landlords continue to receive the benefit of the doubt from lawmakers, regular people will continue to lose their homes to speculators willing to destroy communities in the pursuit of profit. 

We demand that our lawmakers impose actual repercussions on those who would prey on our shared need for shelter. We will continue to pursue legal action, forcing developers and the city to account for the racial impact of gentrification and speculative real estate. We will also continue to engage in direct action, empowering the people in our community to stand up for themselves, their families and their homes.