Brian Cahill Moledo, December 4th, 2017

Today's settlement in the Broadway Triangle lawsuit will have repercussions on every housing struggle in the city. It is only one victory in a long struggle, but it involves actionable criteria that we can hold developers and the city accountable to fulfilling.


Among other items in the settlement, the 375 apartments built at the Broadway Triangle site will be permanently affordable to low and moderate-income families. In addition, anyone forced out of the neighborhood in the last 9 years will also qualify for a preference in the affordable housing lottery. This recognizes the vast number of people displaced by the initial Bushwick rezoning, only to be cut out from the neighborhood's publicly-subsidized affordable housing options.


Perhaps most important is the acknowledgment that rezoning without a study of the accompanying racial impact violates the Fair Housing Act, an admission by the city that will affect all future rezoning attempts in New York.

Every community that stands up to developers will make use of the precedent set by this settlement. This may have been one of our more influential wins, but it is by no means our last. The city's housing infrastructure remains a battleground between those who want property and those who need shelter. Housing is a human right, and CUFFH will always stand with the humans.