What’s Happening

The Trump administration has declared war on immigrant communities, with increased ICE raids across the country, including one in NYC a few blocks away from a CUFFH member church. As a result, our offices and member churches are now seeing an influx of terrified residents who fear their families being torn apart. Locally, one in three New Yorker’s is foreign-born and nearly two-million NYC residents are living below the federal poverty level, meaning services and advocacy offered by organizations like CUFFH are now more needed than ever. 

Our Base

The CUFFH Network reaches thousands of community members across the city. Our member churches are made up of predominantly low-income, Latino congregants; many of whom are undocumented and at risk.  


Communities of faith across the City are praying about social justice issues like immigration, poverty, and housing needs in their congregations each week. CUFFH works to turn those silent, individual prayers into visible, organized action. In an effort to respond quickly to the needs of our community, CUFFH is working to coordinate and carry out immigrant-protecting advocacy efforts including legal services for immigrant families and emergency housing at several of our network churches.

Our Approach

Rapid Response

Unfortunately, city agencies are not providing on-the-ground response and ICE incident verification, and so the City has turned to CUFFH to help provide this critical service. When a resident contacts CUFFH or a member church about an alleged raid, we will be out in the streets to document and verify the report, notify other residents of possible ICE presence in their building/area, and provide emotional support to those immediately impacted.

Know Your Rights

Working closely with our member churches, other organizations and agencies across the city, CUFFH has launched a Know-Your-Rights series to provide critical information to at-risk immigrants. 

Immigrant Services

CUFFH Member Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, has provided immigrant services and legal aid to congregants and community members for nearly four decades. CUFFH will support the expansion of immigrant services here, at St Martin de Tours Roman Catholic Church and Trinity Grace Church. 

Sanctuary Spaces

Families or individuals who are threatened by ICE raids or other immigration attacks can seek refuge in undisclosed churches while awaiting assistance or referrals to legal representation and safe housing. 

Organizing Campaigns

To combat discrimination and hateful rhetoric imposed by the federal government, the CUFFH Network will continue to elevate the anti-discrimination voice to protect the most vulnerable low-income immigrant communities.


We need your support to ensure that we can carry out this work and keep our immigrant communities safe.