Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

Brian Cahill Moledo, November 20th, 2017

This upcoming Thanksgiving will see CUFFH delivering turkeys to families in need once again.

With Thanksgiving approaching, an unacceptable number of New York families find themselves without heat, gas, or other utilities essential to maintaining a home. Churches United For Fair Housing will be repeating their annual Turkey Drive, in which organizers deliver frozen and fried turkeys to local churches and families in need. For the third year in a row, CUFFH, along with the Solano Family Foundation, will be frying birds at 66 Whipple St. in Williamsburg. The turkeys that aren't donated to churches will be hand-delivered to families suffering from housing precarity and economic instability. Churches United for Fair Housing are one of the few organizations in the city that give out both frozen and cooked turkeys for families lacking the home or resources to cook a Thanksgiving meal.

 As deregulation and speculation drive up rents, more and more families struggle to make ends meet as they find themselves denied a safe and stable home for themselves and their loved ones. CUFFH will always fight for deep, systemic change, but also recognizes that the struggle for housing is a long one, and no one should have to wait for a day of joy and unity with their family.