Rob Solano, Executive Director & Co-Founder,

Amber Myers, Chief Operating Officer,                       

Taylor Allen, Program Director,

Alexandra "Alex" Fennell, Network Director,

Cesar Rodriguez, Senior Constituent Services Specialist, 

Brian Cahill Moledo, Lead Organizer,

Ausar Burke, Special Projects, 

Chris Colon, Tenant Organizer,

Jaquí Rodriguez, Constituent Services Specialist,

Charlie Dulik, Youth Organizer,

Anita Dos Santos, Constituent Services Specialist,

Board of Directors

Daisy Lopez, Chair & Co-Founder 

Daisy Fermin, Vice-Chair & Secretary 

Erving Vega, Treasurer 

Juan Ramos, Co-Founder & Member 

Eladio Lamboy, Member 

Raquel Queme, Member 



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